PowerPhase FX
PowerPhase FX - Offering Record Breaking Features

Phase One's new PowerPhase FX for 4x5 view cameras is the most advanced digital imaging system in the world, offering record breaking features unmatched by any other camera back. The PowerPhase FX pushes digital imaging further with the highest files sizes, the fastest scan times, and the largest capture area available.

Advanced features included a 14 bit internal color depth offering high resolution digital images with perfect highlight and shadow details. An up to 200' long IEEE1394 cable allows for incredible scan times of up to 240MB/minute with complete freedom in the studio. Phase One's new patent pending Active Power Stabilizing technology enables on-the-fly intensity compensation. Capturing the finest details on even the largest originals, the PowerPhase FX is perfectly engineered for flat art reproduction. PowerPhase FX is also ideal for photographers who need the highest quality. Product versatility and powerful, easy to use software including complete color management tools make the Powerphase FX the only choice.

Record Breaking Features

  • Highest File Sizes:
    380MB (8 bit RGB)
    760MB (48 bit RGB)
    1GB (64 bit CMYK)
  • Fastest Scan Times: Up to 240MB/minute
  • World's Highest Resolution: 10,500 x 12,600 pixels
  • Largest Capture Area: 8.4 cm x 10 cm (3.3" x 4")
  • Most Sensitive ISO: 1600 ISO
  • Fastest Connection: Up to 200' long IEEE1394 Cable Connection
    (considered the most powerful communication protocol)
  • Patent pending Active Power Stabilizing technology enabling on-the-fly light intensity compensation