Why Settle for Anything Less?

Save Money:
No film processing.
No film and Polaroid use.
No scan cost from output services.
Less expensive color separations.
Save Time:
No waiting for film processing.
No waiting for film to be scanned in a drum scanner.
No waiting for messenger services back and forth.
Environmentally Safe:
No chemical or film waste.
No need for Polaroids, photo film developing, or large quantities of pre-press film.
Sharper picture:
Ability to obtain a direct picture of subject.
No digitizing of pictures already recorded on film grain emulsion.
Optimum Color:
Greater color spectrum available on computer than with film and the emulsion process.
Enhanced Gray:
With film processing, there is a greater possibility of gray imbalance.
Result: dark areas become blue and green and light areas become pink and yellow.
Maximum Flexibility:
Instant digital manipulation is possible.
Competitive Edge:
The photographer's customers can receive a 20% savings through lower pricing of digital photography.
Fast Return of Investment:
Photographers can expect a 25% increase in profit soon after purchase of a Phase One camera back.