Why Settle for Anything Less?

Phase One is the only digital camera manufacturer dedicated to one product line. Our only focus is the design and creation of the finest digital camera backs.
Phase One covers a full range of shooting scenarios - from product and still-life to portrait and fashion.
Phase One solutions support all 4x5 view cameras such as Horseman and Sinar as well as a variety of medium format cameras including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollei, Bronica, and Fuji. Phase One digital camera backs have the same focal length and perspective as normal 4x5 view cameras and medium format cameras.
Phase One solutions support fluorescent, tungsten/halogen, strobe, and HMI light sources.
Phase One digital camera backs offer the fastest scan time on the market - 240MB/minute.
Phase One provides the largest high resolution scan: 10,500 x 12,600 (380MB) and scan area: 70 x 100 millimeters/2.7" x 4" on the market.
Phase One has the most user-friendly software on the market:
  • On-the-fly CMYK color separations possible through support of ICC Color Management
  • Fast preview with zoom, rotation, and crop masking features for exact evaluation of composition
  • Easy daylight calibration with gray balancing feature
  • Histogram provides informatin regarding distribution of tonal values to ensure easy selection of highlight/shadow values
  • Preview grid feature helps correct perspective
  • Exposure warning in preview.
  • Highlight/shadow values can be selected for the best possible printed result
  • Adjustment of contrast brightness and gradation curve for optimum image quality
  • Image capture resolution based on output size and print quality
  • Ability to apply real time unsharp mask
  • Support of Macintosh and Windows
Phase One digital camera backs do not require special lenses or expensive digital shutters and color wheels.
Phase One continues to server its customers through after-sale technical support.
Phase One protects your investment with ites aggressive upgrade campaigns and valuable waaranty programs.
Phase One offers the most aggressively priced "turnkey" solution on the market: Studiokit - $8,500.00 without lights and $9,900.00 with two 750W TUNGSTEN Lights with softbox.