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Wacom Intuos 4X5 Graphics Tablet


The Intuos 4x5 tablet combines Wacom pressure-sensitivity and the features of a larger tablet all into one small, affordable package. Only the size of a typical mousepad, it is ideal for beginning digital artists and others looking for full functionality at an affordable price. The Intuos 4x5 comes with the Intuos Pen to give you the superior feel and control you need to take advantage of today's graphic software. A transparent overlay for holding artwork in place and a programmable menu strip for your favorite keyboard shortcuts round out this package.

Bundled with: MetaCreations Painter Classic, Wacom PenTools 3.0

Designed for: graphic designers, art students, illustrators, art directors and other creative professionals.


    Tablet Dimensions: 9.0 x 8.4 x .29 inches (225 x 210 x 7.5 mm)
    Active area: 4" x 5"
    Pressure levels: 1024
    Accuracy: +- .01" (.25 mm)
    Resolution: 2540 lpi (100 lpmm)
    Max. data rate: 200 pps
    RS-232C serial port interface (PC)
    ADB port interface (Mac)

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