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Wacom Intuos 6X8 Graphics Tablet


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This tablet fits easily on a desktop, in a briefcase or in your lap. The perfect size for people whose ideas are bigger than their desks, the Intuos 6x8 offers professional features and functionality in a convenient, easy-to-handle size. Featuring the Intuos Pen for the superior feel and control you need to take advantage of today's graphic software, it comes complete with a transparent overlay for holding artwork in place and a programmable menu strip for your favorite keyboard shortcuts.

Bundled with: MetaCreations Painter Classic, Wacom PenTools 3.0

Designed for: art directors, photographers, videographers, production artists, animators, graphic designers, illustrators and other creative professionals.


    Tablet Dimensions: 13.36 x 10.32 x .56 inches (334 x 258 x 14 mm)
    Active area: 6" x 8"
    Pressure levels: 1024
    Accuracy: +- .01" (.25 mm)
    Resolution: 2540 lpi (100 lpmm)
    Max. data rate: 200 pps
    RS-232C serial port interface (PC)
    ADB port interface (Mac)


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